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A Step-by-Step Guide on How to Get From Tel Aviv to Jerusalem and Back

For over 2,000 years, pilgrims and tourists have been coming to the Holy Land. They came to indulge in religious and wealthy cultural activities. Today, it is still a hotspot, as up to 4.55 million people come to sample the historical flavors of the region.

There are countless spots to explore, from the Dead Sea to the Sea of Galilee and Mount Carmel to Nazareth. However, two bustling metropolises showcase themselves. Tourists frequently travel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.

Jerusalem is the capital of Israel. It is famed throughout the globe for its historical and religious significance.

Tel Aviv may not be the capital city. But it is second to none for beaches, nightlife, and the culinary scene.

If you’re hooked on traveling to both iconic cities when you visit Israel, you’ve come to the right place. We explain our insider tips and everything you need to know in our how-to-get-from Tel Aviv-to-Jerusalem Guide!

How Far Is Jerusalem From Tel Aviv?

Tel Aviv sits in the far west of the nation along the sun-kissed Mediterranean Sea, where you’ll find the famous Tel Aviv Beach. Jerusalem lies east of the country, wedged between Mount Herzl and The Mount of Olives.

As the crow flies, 54 km separates the two cities, and the driving distance is a bit longer at 67km and takes only 1-1.5 hours. However, you won’t notice the time going by. You will be too busy admiring the scenic backdrops throughout the entire journey.

Ways to Get From Tel Aviv to Jerusalem

Due to their proximity and popularity, there are several ways to get from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. Thus, there are many ways to take one of Tel Aviv’s most popular day trips that will suit your preferences.

Below are all the ways you can travel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.

The Cheapest Option: Tel Aviv to Jerusalem by Bus

Tel Aviv to Jerusalem by bus is the best option if you travel to Israel on a budget. Prices start at 18 ILS (4.70 USD) for a single ticket, while booking a return bus ticket will save you cash at only 30 ILS (7.85 USD).

You can buy tickets at the ticket counters or use self-service kiosks in bus stations. Alternatively, you can save money and buy a ticket in advance online to secure your desired time and date. Egged and Superbus are the most popular and reliable bus services between the two cities.

If you book your bus ticket online, note which bus station it will depart from. There are two main bus stations in the city. Tel Aviv Central Bus Station (Tahana Merkazit) and the Arlozorov Bus Terminal (Savidor). 

Both are on opposite ends of the city. The last thing you want is to be hunting for a taxi to the other just minutes before it leaves.

After 1 to 1.5 hours, depending on traffic, most arrive at Jerusalem Central Bus Station. It is also known as Yerushalayim/Yits’hak Navon. If you book a return journey, your bus will depart from the exact location it dropped you off at.

Tel Aviv to Jerusalem

The Fastest Route: High-Speed Train

Believe it or not, you can arrive from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem in as little as 32 minutes! The government gave the green light to this railway route in 2001 and opened it to the public in September 2018. 

The quick connection from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem is down to its top speed of 200 KPH. With no traffic and robust facilities, it is also a reliable service which always arrives on time.

Two trains will run hourly from Tel Aviv, apart from Friday morning and Saturday evening. During these days, you can still board the A1 Fast Train once an hour.

From Tel Aviv you will catch the train from Tel Aviv HaHagana Station. You’ll find it in the middle of the Ayalon Highway, north of Highway 1. It’s under half a kilometer east of the Tel Aviv Central Bus Station.

The journey will take between 32 and 44 minutes and stops at five other destinations.

After visiting Jerusalem, you will return to Tel Aviv at the station where you disembarked, Yerushalayim/Yits’hak Navon. The building is 3 km north of Jerusalem. Bear this in mind so you don’t have to rush. Or worse, miss your return train. 

You can take Tram 1 to and from the station from the Old City. It operates every 10 minutes, takes under 15 minutes, and costs only 5.90 ILS (1.50 USD).

The Most Sustainable Pick: Taking a Shared Taxi

If you want to live life like the locals, make shared taxis your number one mode of transport. It is a great way to travel sustainably to Jerusalem while supporting the local economy. 

Locals know the shared taxis as Monit Sheruts. They are cheaper than the high-speed trains and stop at various points between the two cities. 

There are a handful of taxi ranks dotted around the city. Nevertheless, the most reliable designated areas are outside the Central Bus Station. This is the same in Jerusalem and Tel Aviv. 

The fare for a shared taxi from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem and back can vary slightly. Generally, fares are around 40-50 NIS (10.50-13 USD) one way per person. Don’t forget to bring cash, as many vehicles won’t have credit card facilities.

There are no set hours or timetables for the Monit Sheruts, so you can’t reserve online or need to book in advance. Instead, you pay in the taxis and will depart when they fill up. 

The Most Popular Choice: Book a Tour Guide

Jerusalem is an ever-growing tourist hotbed. Almost eight out of ten tourists that came to Israel visited the city. So, it’s no surprise that tour guides are the most popular choice for traveling from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.

It’s also one of the most convenient transportation options. You don’t have to search for timetables, navigate stations, or plan an itinerary. You can book your tickets online and forget about any mishaps. 

Some tour guide companies even have door-to-door services. They will pick you up at the hotel and drop you off at a convenient spot in Jerusalem.

It’s also one of the more comfortable ways of getting from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. Most buses are fitted with air-con, Wi-Fi, sockets to charge your phone, and a toilet. You can sit back, relax, and enjoy the postcard views from the window.

Each tour guide will have a separate drop-off and collection point. However, the company will clarify where you get off and the return points in Jerusalem.

You can expect to pay anywhere from 80 USD to 140 USD per person. These excursions usually include guided commentary, fascinating history lessons, and a packed lunch. 

A Unique Way: Drive From Tel Aviv to Jerusalem

Renting a car allows you to have a mini road trip through unknown territory. You can stop to admire the natural surroundings or small towns to get a glimpse into the local life. It’s a unique experience that will live long in your memories. 

First, you must decide which road to take. The most direct is via Route 1, also known as the Jerusalem-Tel Aviv Highway. The route is well-maintained and usually the fastest option.

Driving times can vary depending on traffic. However, it usually takes 1 to 1.5 hours to reach Jerusalem from Tel Aviv by car. 

Traffic conditions vary. So check for real-time traffic updates before starting your journey. Especially during the rush hours from 6:30-9:30 A.M. and 3:30-6:30 P.M..

If you have more time and want to enjoy scenic views, you can also take Route 443. It passes through the hills and offers beautiful landscapes.

Once you arrive in Jerusalem, you’ll need to find parking. There are various parking facilities and street parking options available in the city. But it can be challenging to find parking in the Old City.

The return trip from Jerusalem to Tel Aviv is the same as the outbound trip, following the routes above.

The Most Convenient Method: A Private Transfer

A private transfer is, without doubt, the most convenient way to visit Jerusalem from Tel Aviv. This is particularly true if you’re visiting Israel with kids.

However, it’s also the most expensive method. Prices start at around 40 USD each way per person and can range up to 140 USD for a more luxurious cruise.

You can choose the type of vehicle you prefer, depending on your group size and budget. Options typically include standard sedans, SUVs, and larger ones for groups.

You can book one way from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, but it’s best to reserve a return journey. You can select the exact time and location you wish to be picked up. Also, you don’t have to worry about transfers being unavailable.

Booking a private transfer is particularly useful in the hot season. August is the hottest month when the average daily high temperature is 29°C.

You will appreciate the comfortable seats and top-class conditioning.

Travel From Tel Aviv to Jerusalem in Style

Traveling from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem seems challenging to plan for the locals. It appears even more difficult if you travel here for the first time as a tourist.

However, after reading our guide, you know how to get from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. Not only that, but you know the best modes of transport that will suit your preferences.

Do you want to uncover unmissable attractions and hidden gems on your adventure?

If so, absorb yourself into the world of the best things to do in Jerusalem!

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