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Explore Tel Aviv’s Beaches: Your Relaxing Escape in Israel

Tel Aviv has the nickname “The White City” because it contains several white Bauhaus-style buildings. However, that is far from its only feature. The city also has an incredible amount of beautiful beaches. 

Still, you probably don’t want to visit every Tel Aviv beach while you’re there. If you do, you’ll miss out on all the other fun things to do in Tel Aviv. Instead, consider visiting just a few of the best beaches while exploring Tel Aviv. 

However, you may not know which beaches are worth visiting. If so, read on. This article will give you a list of the best beaches in Tel Aviv. 

Gordon Beach 

Gordon Beach is one of those beaches that pretty much has it all. There are volleyball courts, lifeguards on duty, fitness trails, and the legendary Gordon Pool. This is a salt-water pool that’s open air, 50 meters long, and has plenty of sunbeds and umbrellas.  

If you visit, make sure to stop by the boardwalk. You’ll find a wide variety of restaurants there that serve salads, fresh fish sandwiches, Israeli breakfasts, and so much more. If you visit the beach bars after sunset, you can get your fill of drinks, dancing, and party music. 

Just keep in mind that this beach can get crowded fast in the summer. This happens partly because the beach is centrally located and right in front of a large strip of hotels in Tel Aviv

Frishman Beach 

Do you have a family with small children? If so, you may love how safe the shallow waters of Frishman Beach are. However, there is still a lifeguard on duty and first aid available, just in case. 

Or maybe you’re more interested in lounging on the beach than going in the water. If so, the beach offers beach chairs and umbrellas for rent for the perfect relaxation experience. If you’re more of an athletic type, consider checking out the volleyball courts or fitness trails. 

Also, if you enjoy architecture, you’ll likely enjoy the view of the iconic Dan Tel Aviv Hotel that this beach offers. Consider taking a picture in the middle of all your other activities. 

Jerusalem (Geula) Beach

Do you want to go swimming in a safe environment? If so, Jerusalem Beach should be the beach you want. With its wave breakers and lifeguards on duty, it’ll be difficult to get in trouble here. 

You’ll also find a lot of beach-goers playing the popular game matkot. This is a padel ball game that’s similar to beach tennis. Consider joining some locals for a friendly game. 

And if you get hungry, there are plenty of eateries across the street. You can decide to eat at Jaffa’s famous Arabic bakery, Abulafia, or the beach café Tzfoni BeTayelet. You can then wash this food down with juice or a shake at Shakes Pree. 

Ha’Maravi Beach

Ha’Maravi Beach (or ‘The Western Beach’ in English) sits on the southern strip of the Tel Aviv coastline. Known locally as “Manta Ray Beach”, it has sandy grounds, relatively clean water, and no breakwaters to stop waves from getting unusually high. The last feature is what makes the beach a favorite of surfers. 

In addition, as this beach is very close to Old Jaffa (The Old City), you can get an impressive view of it from this beach. Consider staying until sunset if you want the best view of this city. 

Mezizim Beach 

Mezizim is another great choice for families with children, as the beach comes equipped with a lovely playground. If your children get bored of the playground too soon, you can try visiting Tel Aviv Port, which is located close by. This is one of the most fun places to hang out in town year-round! 

Still, there are plenty of activities for adults visiting Mezizim Beach as well. Consider going to the late-night lounge bar that this beach offers. There are also plenty of other eateries in case you end up getting the munchies. 

Trumpeldor Beach

If you’re looking for a quieter beach with little to no people, Trumpeldor Beach is what you want. As this beach is undeclared, not a lot of people know about this little hidden spot. You can easily identify it by the unusual statue that sits in front of it. 

However, the lack of people comes with a price. There aren’t any services, so you need to bring food, drinks, and towels. There are also no lifeguards, so you should only swim if you’re very confident with your skills. 

Hilton Beach 

This beach gets its name because it’s located right in front of the Hilton Tel Aviv Hotel. It’s full of restaurants, popular for surfers, wheelchair accessible, and one of the most dog-friendly beaches in Tel Aviv. In addition, there’s always a lifeguard on duty. 

On top of that, if you want to take water sports lessons, go visit the Sea Center Club. It offers lessons on windsurfing, kayaking, and so much more. There are even special lessons for kids and beginners. 

Tel Baruch Beach 

Don’t listen to any of the horror stories that you’ve heard about this beach. All of those issues were in the past. These days, this beach is a favorite visiting spot for local families with children. 

Keep in mind that non-locals have to pay a fee to get in. Also, it’s very hard to get to this beach without a car. However, there’s a large parking lot, so you shouldn’t have trouble finding a parking space. 

Dolphinarium Beach 

Head to Dolphinarium Beach if you’ve got a soft spot for music and dancing. You can find a ton of youthful revelers dancing to the beat of musicians playing their percussion instruments and locals clapping along. This scene is most present on Fridays in the summer. 

Beyond any singing and dancing, you can also find jugglers, people doing capoeira, and so much more. When the drumming scene isn’t present, you can find a relaxed crowd reading books, meditating, playing backgammon, and more. There’s also a surfing club on the sand where young surfers go for lessons. 

Banana Beach 

If you become tired of the music, consider stopping by Banana Beach, which is right next door to the Dolphinarium. You can find a special type of tranquility here that you can’t find at any other Tel Aviv beach. 

It has plenty of sunbeds and chairs to relax on and a great view of the sunset. You should also consider stopping by the nearby outdoor glitzy bar and club known as Clara Beach Bar.  

Gan Hamidron Beach 

This is the main beach of Jaffa Port. It sits on a small bay and has a small playground for kids. There is also a nice shallow pool that small children can safely splash around in. 

It’s also one of the most religiously integrated beaches. Unlike most of the other beaches in Tel Aviv, you can see both Jews and Arabs enjoying this beach together. 

Bograshov Beach 

If you don’t mind dealing with huge crowds, make your way to Bograshov Beach. It’s one of the most popular beaches in town and is visited by locals and tourists alike. Once you get your spot on the beach, you can enjoy views of both the Mediterranean Sea and Tel Aviv’s gorgeous architecture. 

Alma Beach 

Alma Beach (also known as Charles Clor Park Beach) is a long, narrow, sandy, and grassy strip. A lot of families come here for barbeques and to do a lot of other fun beach activities. To the north, you can find the Manta Ray restaurant, which is one of the most romantic seafood spots in Israel. 

Ajami Beach 

Do you want a momentary break from all the chaos in Tel Aviv? If so, consider visiting the Ajami Beach neighborhood. As you wander down the stairway alleys, you’ll get a great view of the historic features of this beach community. Also, consider stopping by Abu Hassan for some very tasty hummus. 

Tzuk Beach 

Like with Tel Baruch, you need to pay a fee to get to this beach if you aren’t a local. But if you’re a surfer, that fee can be worth it. This beach has no wave breakers, so the waves will get very high. 

More About Your Favorite Tel Aviv Beach 

Every Tel Aviv beach will give you a unique experience. Hopefully, you can easily decide on the one you want to have from this list. 

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