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Exploring Jaffa’s Hidden Bars

While Jaffa is the oldest section of Tel Aviv, it is not lacking in a selection of modern and trendy bars. The ancient port city is a tapestry of old and new blending seamlessly, providing locals and tourists a place abuzz with activity, especially when it comes to the bar scene and nightlife.

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Top 5 Hidden Bars in Jaffa

1. Margoza Bar

At Margoza Bar, get ready to sit back with a delicious drink like the apple-watermelon margosita that is sure to quench the thirst of patrons. Stop in for happy hour and stay late for more creative cocktails and something scrumptious from the menu. Seating is available indoors and outdoors. 

2. The Cuckoo’s Nest

Cool, cozy, cultural and serving cocktails that have you ordering more. Snuggled inside an ancient building among the flea market area, this is the place to celebrate and soak up the unique atmosphere of contemporary and nostalgia, a blending of ancient and modern, and an attitude of elegance mixed with casual. 

3. Jasper Johns Bar

Be prepared to party hearty at Jasper Johns Bar where the scene is electric, eclectic, and fun and the cocktails are created to please the palate. At the underground bar, drinks and free tapas are on the menu daily. For those who want to party all night long, Jasper Johns aims to please. The bar opens daily at 7 p.m. and closes at 6 a.m. Nightclubbers can definitely keep their party vibe going strong with quality drinks flowing all through the night.

4. Shaffa Bar

The perfect place to start the day or end the night is at the Shaffa Bar, located in the Flea Market area of Jaffa. During the day, the bar is a quaint cafe, creating a casual eatery with a selection of local food made with fresh ingredients. In the evening, the cafe turns into a popular bar with another menu of assorted drinks. 

5. K Bar

K Bar is one of those places you may pass by never realizing there’s a bar behind the door. The non-imposing bar generates an energetic atmosphere that lasts until the early morning hours. Patrons enjoy assorted drinks, and a different DJ spinning tunes every night. Situated on Herzl Street, K Bar opens at 8 p.m. and closes at either 4 a.m. or 5 a.m., depending on the day of the week. The bar is open daily. 

Unique Features of Each Bar

Margoza Bar

Margoza Bar keeps patrons wined and dined and connected with free Wi-Fi for those who want to connect with friends who are out on the town, too. The bar isn’t limited in its selection of drinks. Enjoy a favorite cocktail, a glass of wine, or a frosty beer. The vibe is inviting, the food and drinks are beyond excellent, and you never know when you may be surprised with live music adding to the ambiance. 

The Cuckoo’s Nest

The Cuckoo’s Nest adds a different element to what it provides to patrons. While this gem offers food and drink, it also has a different form of entertainment every night. Stop in for a drink and enjoy movie night, art exhibitions, live music, and interesting lectures. A nice food menu and an ample selection of traditional and special drinks are available to please the preferences of its patrons.

Jasper Johns Bar

Reviews note the atmosphere is fun, cozy, romantic, and lively, which means it is a great place to enjoy a specialty cocktail prepared by experienced bartenders amid a stylish atmosphere where patrons receive top-notch service. A full menu and a fully stocked bar ensure palate-pleasing goodness across the board. There’s music and a speakeasy. 

Shaffa Bar

What makes the Shaffa Bar stand out is its convenient location and its dual purpose of serving food and drinks. That’s not all. The low-key bar also has live music and features entertaining line-ups of local bands playing Arabic music. Sit back with a cocktail or a brew and savor the flavor of the cool vibes. 

K Bar

If dark and quiet filled with intense music and high levels of energy is your idea of the best way to enjoy a cocktail and socialize, the K Bar has all that, and more. The friendly bartenders, excellent service, easy and laid-back atmosphere, and late-night hours make this one of the Jaffa bars you won’t want to pass by.

History and Culture of Jaffa’s Bar Scene

When enjoying one of the Jaffa bars, you not only have access to a variety of beverages, but you are enjoying the flavorful concoctions in the oldest part of Tel Aviv. That is history combined with pleasure. The old city is historic with signs of ancient architecture, was the residence of many nationalities, is connected to the history of the Roman Empire, and is one of the world’s oldest port cities. Regardless of the mystery and stories that surround the city, it has emerged as a hot spot for nightclubs, bars, live music, and special events. 

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Tips for Finding Hidden Bars in Jaffa

Enjoying a night out with friends to sample the different bar atmospheres and drink menus can be a challenge if you are new to the city. This is especially true for travelers looking for a good time when visiting Jaffa. 

There are a few tips that can help make finding the perfect place with the perfect vibe easier, so you will get the most fun out of your night on the town.

If you want to find hidden bars on your own, one of the best ways is to do research. There are many websites on the internet dedicated to listing bars in the Old City, and doing a search on Google also provides independent reviews on the search results page. However, you may not find the truly local hotspots this way.

A great way to discover local bars, which provides a way to socialize and make new friends, is to sign up for the Tel Aviv Pub Crawl Nightlife Tour. The three-hour guided tour provides air-conditioned transport and takes visitors to a variety of venues around town.

For travelers staying in area hotels, ask the concierge or front desk personnel where to find some hidden gems.

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