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A Guide to Tel Aviv’s Best Nightclubs

A night out on the town offers a diverse menu of fun, food, entertainment, and unlimited opportunities to socialize. From cozy atmospheres ideal for a drink with someone special to nightclubs alive with music and dancing, there are plenty of options when heading out for a night on the town. Tel Aviv nightlife offers all this and more, with nightclubs that offer atmospheres that run the gamut from underground basements to above-ground courtyards. 

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The Top 5 Nightclubs in Tel Aviv

Tel Avia’s nightclub scene is vibrant and exciting, with enough choices to keep clubbers busy till the wee hours of the morning. With many quality venues to choose from, you will never be at a loss for a cool place to go. 

Radio EPGB Tel Aviv

Radio EPGB has a little bit of everything on its menu to ensure visitors leave satisfied. The ultra-chic indie electronic club keeps the vibe going with live hip-hop, R&B, techno, electronic, and mixed music seven nights a week. Named one of “The Best Bars in Tel Aviv” in the Secret Tel Aviv Guide, the underground nightclub offers a party atmosphere with plenty of activities, live entertainment, and an unending flow of assorted beverages in a dark and dazzling basement setting. 

Kuli Alma Tel Aviv

Mix music and art and you have the perfect cocktail being served at Kuli Alma. This interesting nightclub is a mix of artists, DJs, and those who like to party hearty. This is the place for creative people, music enthusiasts, and culture lovers to meet, greet, and socialize. The club stays on the cutting edge of trendy entertainment with scheduled live shows, DJs, and performances. Step inside a visual wonder where a large wall features projections of film clips. Take the winding staircase to the courtyard, U-shaped bar, and dance floor. Enjoy food and beverages while taking in the artistic sights while tuning into the latest sounds from the state-of-the-art sound system. 

Duplex Club TLV

If you are looking for fun and an over-the-top destination for fun and can’t find it at other nightclubs, visit the Duplex Club TLV, where you’ll have three floors of music, music and more music with plenty of vibes from rock to pop. With three floors of continuous action, there is never a dull moment at the club, touted as being the biggest in Tel Aviv. With plenty of music, lots of dancing, and planned events, Duplex Club TLV is where you’ll find the action. 


Those who add Rabbit to their nighttime itinerary know there’s music, dancing, DJs, flavorful cocktails, assorted brews, and signature drinks on the menu every night. The club radiates a chic and sleek environment where a lively crowd is always on hand to enjoy the sophisticated atmosphere. The club is open daily and ready to keep partygoers up all night with a closing time of 5 a.m.

Phi Garden

At Phi Garden, it is party time, all the time, at this techno house of electronic music and more. The venue is spacious and serves as a garden restaurant during the day, and in the evening, stop by for a cocktail. The venue offers good food, drinks, and music and keeps their calendar loaded with events. Phi Garden is open Tuesday through Saturday with closing times between 2 a.m. and 6 a.m. depending on which night you want to have access to extended party time. 

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 The Music Scene in Tel Aviv

The music scene in Tel Aviv is diverse, with a variety of destinations within the city to satisfy the most ardent music aficionados, such as Beit HaAmudim. The jazz club has an impressive calendar of live music with smooth sounds performed by bands, quartets, trios, and solo artists. Listen to the cool rhythm of the sax, the riffs of a guitar, and the beat of the drums. At Levontin 7, the grunge basement setting has become a popular venue for independent artists. 

Whether stopping in at a local bar or nightclub, chances are you will find live music. The musical vibe is in tune with what people want, from local entertainers to international acts. Throughout the year, there’s never a slowdown in the level of interest in music. Whether stopping by one of the bars or nightclubs or taking in an event at Yarkon Park, there’s always music in the air. 

Atmosphere and Dress Codes

When out and about enjoying the hot spots and entertainment at Tel Aviv’s nightclubs, it’s important to know what type of atmosphere awaits at each destination and what to wear that have you either looking your best or fitting in with the crowd. ‘Dress to impress’ is a good approach if you are going to a nightclub with a dress code requiring more upscale clothing. This could happen, especially if there is a special event scheduled. Most nightclubs in Tel Aviv are laidback and casual, with jeans, sneakers, and your favorite T-shirt is more than welcome. 

Tips for a safe and enjoyable night out in Tel Aviv

No matter the city, safety is at the top of the list for those enjoying a night out. Tel Aviv is not an exception. While generally safe, when you want to have the best time possible, you can add to your level of safety by following a few simple tips.

Known as “the city that never sleeps,” means people are out at all hours of the day and night. One of the best tips is to always stay alert to what’s going on around you, whether you’re walking or taking public transportation. For women, never leave your purse unattended no matter where you are. 

For tourists, always keep copies of your ID with you and do not let your passport out of your hands. Know what and when are the best times to be cruising the city, and always carry a minimal amount of cash. Make sure your cellphone is charged and working. Know where you go that people may dress differently, so dress to fit in versus standing out in the crowd. If you can learn a phrase or two of Hebrew before enjoying the city at night, that could come in handy. 

Above all, no drugs. Penalties are extremely severe for anyone caught in possession of illegal drugs, which could result in smuggling and/or trafficking charges.

If you follow these basic common-sense tips, an enjoyable time partaking of all that Tel Aviv nightlife and the clubs have to offer should result in a night to remember.

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